What Do You Need to Know about Momo Makers?

Momos are delicious delicacies derived from traditional dumplings. You can make momos in variety of shapes and sizes with different types of stuffing like meat, chicken and soya chunks. They can be seasoned with vegetables and served with spicy or sweet sauces.

Momos are generally made using simple steamers, but in case you want to make different types of momos, you should use a momo making machine. Using a momo maker is easy, but still there are many things that you should know about it before you start using it for your cooking requirements. Here are six things that you should be aware about momo making machines:

  1. Know the Momo MAker Type: There are various machines that can make momos. Some are specifically for momos and some can make noodles and pastas as well. Check your machine type before you start making momos because it is possible that the real function of that machine is to make noodle or pasta and momo is just an add-on. In case momo is just an add-on, don’t fret. All that you have to do is use the round dough cutter to cut the dough and place it in an appropriate shaping die. You can fill your choice of ingredients in the center and snap it close to give it the right shape. You can now boil or fry this as per your taste.
  2. Momo Maker Can Also Be Used for Making Pasta and Noodles: Did you know that you can also use your momo maker to make pasta, noodles and gujiyas? This is one of the best features of momo maker. They come with unique shaping dies for various snacks.
  3. Momo Maker Based on Type of Momos: There are different kinds of momos – steamed, fried, semi steamed and semi fried. Momo makers come according to what they need to make also. A generic momo maker with noodle and pasta maker can cook only steamed momos, while specific momo makers can fry the momos as well.
  4. Momo Makers Can Automatically Mix, Knead and Extrude: Since momo makers can automatically mix, knead and extrude, it is easier to prepare various kinds of delicacies. Since all these tasks are done automatically, your work is reduced to a great extent. With a momo maker at home, you can prepare not only momos, but also a range of pasta and noodles.
  5. Know the Power Consumption of the Machine: If you are buying a machine for making 10-15 momos at a time, you would need a machine with power rating of 150W or above. Machines below this won’t be able to steam more than 5 momos at a time. Therefore, if you are making bulk momos then machines below 150W won’t be of much help. Make it a point to buy a machine with 150W or more power rating.
  6. Buy Certified Machines Only: There are many momo making machines in the market, but only a few actually get the job done, keeping in mind the health and welfare of individuals. Therefore, if you really want good and healthy steam momo, go with certified machines only.

Momos are delicacies loved by all age groups. Therefore, having a momo maker in your kitchen arsenal is always beneficial. Do consider adding one to your appliance range soon.