The Four Most Common Types of Beds

Buying a bed is a long term investment, which is quite extravagant. A bed is the source of comfort after a long tiring day at work and the wrong selection of bed would mean several nights of inconvenience and regret. Therefore, it is important to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a bed.

Before starting your research, you need to first understand what the most common types of beds are. Here is the list of 4 common types of beds used widely.

  • Bunk Beds- Bunk beds are usually beds that come with two layers of bed frames and are ideal for more than one person. It saves the horizontal space and can accommodate more people. It is generally used in the children’s room.
  • Storage Beds- Beds with storage are widely popular. They offer smart storage solutions and help people organize their stuff in a better manner. From blankets and extra pillows to almost any commodity, everything can be nicely stored in the available storage space. It also tidies up the place and removes all the unnecessary clutter.
  • Canopy Beds- If you want a stylish and antique style of bed for yourself, then canopy beds are a great choice. This kind of bed has four wooden poles at each corner to carry the upper panel or shade. This upper panel is enclosed by a fabric that covers the bed from all sides and makes it look extremely desirable and cosy.

  • Sofa Beds- Sofa bed has a lot of uses. It can be used as a sofa during the day and you can convert it to a bed during the night time. Some sofa beds also come with some storage space where you can store things. Sofa beds are ideal for you if you live in a small apartment.

Now that you know the types of beds, evaluate which of these meets your interests and make the purchase.