The Best 10 BS Biological Sciences in Los Angeles

California is a great place to be if your aim is a career in sciences. There are many excellent options for finding a BS in biological sciences in Los Angeles or within easy commuting time. Here are ten of the very best:

California State – Los Angeles

The biology department at California State – Los Angeles is committed to creating a vibrant, thriving community of educators, engineers and explorers. Students love the focused atmosphere and knowledgeable, supportive faculty.

Mount Saint Mary’s University – Los Angeles

At Mount Saint Mary’s University, the teaching staff believes that biology is truly something worth being excited about. With study of the living organisms that make up our home planet and the earth that holds them, it’s the study of every single student’s world. What could be more interesting?

University of Southern California – Dornsife

Utilizing a wide array of exploratory and educational techniques, the staff at USC – Dornsife don’t just lecture; they collaborate with students to help them discover amazing facts about the world and their place in it.

California Baptist University

Offering a unique perspective of religious education that embraces modern scientific tools and techniques, California Baptist University gives students the option to learn online or on campus!

Southern California University of Health Sciences

A great place to get a BS in biological sciences near Los Angeles, SCUHS offers a wide variety of applications and areas of focus for your learning. Whether you want to be an educator yourself or are investigating a career in the medical field, this degree program will prepare you effectively.

University of California – Los Angeles

A school large enough to boast multiple departments for divisions of biological science such as molecular biology, ecology and evolutionary biology and more, the University of California – Los Angeles offers students a unique opportunity to focus their studies from the earliest possible opportunity.

California Institute of Technology

While the word “technology” is in the school’s name, there is no lack of focus on organic elements at California Institute of Technology. Students can prepare for careers in everything from biotechnology to field observance and study to laboratory work and beyond. There is no limit to the possibilities with a degree in biology from a school like this one!

Scripps College

With a unique focus on women’s education, Scripps College is an excellent choice for California women looking to move into STEM fields. With a striking lack of diversity in these fields, the education offered by Scripps and similar schools is an important part of closing that gap.

Pomona College

Giving students a multi-step approach that tackles biology in the classroom, laboratory and field, Pomona College boasts some of the best opportunities for first-hand, real-world experience in learning in the state.

Claremont McKenna College

At Claremont McKenna College, students are prepared for a number of possible careers in the biological sciences by focusing their educational efforts on both information and innovation within the field.

Regardless of which school a student chooses, there are myriad employment opportunities for biology major graduates in the state of California and beyond.