Selecting A Contractor For Heating System Repairs: Factors That Matter!

Heating & cooling systems are used throughout the year, and as with any machine, there can be considerable damage with regular and extensive use. Ideally, you should hire a company for heating system maintenance every year, but most homeowners don’t do that. Sadly, they end up paying more a regular repair work, compared to what they would pay for a yearly service contract otherwise.  In this post, we will talk about finding a company for HVAC repairs, and some of the factors that matter the most.

Make a shortlist

First things first, make a shortlist of the services in your city. You don’t need a lot of names, as long as you have four or five good ones. A wise idea is to take references from friends, neighbors and family members, but if you don’t have that choice in a new city, you can always check on Google. Do consider the reviews of other customers and visit the website of a few services, before you make that shortlist.

Check for response

You would want to know if a company cares for their customers enough. When it comes to emergency repairs, and if a contractor offers that, they should send their technicians within an hour. If a company doesn’t deal in emergency assistance, they should offer services within next 24 hours. No matter how small the work may be, you don’t want to wait longer than that.

Don’t miss the basic aspects

Is the company licensed? If not, steer clear of them right away. Secondly, does the company have insurance? HVAC repair is a serious and complicated job that has workplace related risks. As a customer, you don’t want to pay for the medical bills of the injured engineers. Also, it is also prudent to check if the company has general liability insurance. In case their workers end up damaging your property, insurance will take care of the losses. One of the other aspects is related to the brands they deal in. Apart from names like Toshiba and Carrier GNR, what other brands do they service? Do they offer installation assistance, as well?

Finally, it is important to have an estimate for the job. You need to know what a repair job would cost, and whether the company offers a warranty on the work they do. Also, don’t forget to check their website to know more about their work and experience.